Thursday, March 29, 2012

Under covers

Today was a dreary, wet, cold day in Boston - felt like we were back in March instead of enjoying that burst of spring that was such a tease last week.  Still feeling a little sore from my Monday runday (and Tuesday's follow-up 3 miler), I could have (and would have) stayed in bed all day if I didn't have plans already made.  Instead I was coming and going wishing I had worn a warmer coat and daydreaming about putting my sweats back on and getting under the covers.

Now, of course, getting under the covers is so much better when you have an incredible mattress (which I am lacking).  Recently I had to specify a bed (mattress and all) for a client.  This was so much fun.  Especially if you have a big budget.  The Dux bed (by Duxiana) and the Hastens bed are by far two to-die-for choices, but given the need to stretch funding to other parts of the room, for most (including me) they are a luxury more so than a necessity.  So instead of over-indulging, I headed to Bloomingdale's and looked at the Klufts and the Shifmans.  These were also extremely comfortable, oversized, and every bit the $15-5,000 price tags, but, when weighing price vs. function, there were definitely other options. 

After lounging around laying in every bed in the showroom (with my shoes on because they have those funny little red blankets at the foot of the bed to keep it clean), the salesperson pointed me toward Bloomingdale's private label Hudson Park.  What a little secret!  I have to say, their 'luxury firm' package definitely beat out the Stearns & Fosters and the Sealy, and at the ridiculously reasonable price point, I no longer felt that I was missing out on the Kluft or the Shifman.  With an amazing warranty, I not only found a winner, but I was completely confident that the mattress would outlast my client.  Happily I purchased the bed and still had plenty of funds to splurge on Down to Basics (by Susan Fowler) bedding. 

Pure heaven.
Hudson Park Luxury Firm

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