Monday, March 5, 2012

Into the woods

I like to photograph trees.  Especially the ones that look like they've had it but keep on growing.   My favorite one is the white birch, aka the Aspen.  It's white trunk always makes for great contrast no matter where you find one. 

I began to notice nature was while I was living in Colorado (and no, not because the Samples had a song about it). Where I grew up, it was more about the beach and I didn't spend much time in the backcountry. In college, I spent a lot of time hiking and skiing and getting to know the woods. And, I spent a lot of time in Aspen. If you've ever been there in late September, you would definitely take notice too. Here the birches out number the people, and in early fall, their leaves turn a blazing golden yellow. Any person with a camera can get an unforgettable shot. 

Below are some of mine from last weekend - their leaves are gone, but they are still so interesting.

And when I look to buy artwork, I continue to gravitate toward the same trees. Here are a few artists who capture them so differently, but so incredibly well.

Aspens get me every time
Susie Pryor

Whitney A. Heavey

Wolf Kahn

Bob Ichter

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