Monday, March 19, 2012

Above and below

I'm a collector.  I pick up sticks when I walk through the woods, pebbles and sea glass on the beach, and pairs of black shoes wherever I can...  Of my collections, my favorite has to be my blue and white porcelain jars that I picked up on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong.  It's all the same pattern but varying shapes and sizes, and I love the way that they sit together, symmetrically in a group.  They add composition to a room and can create interest on any surface.

This photo represents my favorite vignette in my house - the blue and white collection on top of an antique Chinese cabinet - the one that was salvaged from mainland China that used to be a bright red lacquer before it was stripped down to it's original wood and given this beautiful wax finish.  My bamboo ladder from Vietnam and the indigo Indonesian ikat throw that hangs from it are reminders of my travels but also double as a valet when needed (as does the teak box underneath the cabinet that hides my collection of black shoes).

Here the blue and white collection found a place in under a flip-top writing desk in a small apartment in Town.  When the ceiling is the least attractive part of a room, it's nice to bring the focus down rather than up, so don't be afraid to add interest under tables rather than a traditional use on top.

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