Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday runday

After much procrastination, I finally started training for the Ragnar Relay Race that I'm a part of in May.  Yes, I know it's just over 6 weeks away and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I am thankful that my chunk of the run is only 13 miles (over three different legs) and the training doesn't have to be very intense.  Anyway, today I met one of my teammates down in Hingham, and we wandered our way through six miles of the perfectly perfect coastal New England town.  When I say perfect, I mean that every house is perfectly painted, with perfect historical detailing, and a perfectly perfect manicured lawn with stone walls and picket fences (and sometimes a swimming pool and guest house) - a perfect distraction to keep me going through a harder-than-expected work out.  Good thing one house after the next kept me chugging along and excited to discover more next week.  If you haven't been, here are some houses (from that give you an idea of what the whole town is about.  AND, if you do go, make sure to check out Delicious Designs on North Street.  Roberta Sobran is the shop keeper and an interior designer with, but of course, a perfectly perfect sense of style! (

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  1. Thanks for the fun plug! :) Roberta at Delicious Designs