Friday, February 10, 2012

Practicality pays off

OK - We are just coming off of a week's worth of my kids being sick; 3 out of the 4 of them had the stomach virus.  And, of course, they all got sick at night while they were asleep all over their custom bedding and beautiful wool carpets.  When my youngest daughter kicked it off on Sunday, my first reaction was obviously to panic.  Yes, for her well being, but more so for the well being of her room.  The sloppy Joes all over her Classic Cloth duvet was enough to make me want to hurl too.  But after a deep breath, I realized that we had chosen smart materials when decorating her room, and though cleaning it up would be a hassle, all would be fine in the end.  Little did I know that the hassle would become a routine for the next several nights....

Here was the routine:

1.  Get child out of room, bathed and put back to sleep elsewhere.
2.  Strip bed, get rid of the gross stuff, and spray the stains with Shout.
3.  Wash everything on the warm, gentle cycle.
4.  Fill a bowl with water and grab a dishtowel.
5.  Wet and blot the carpet several times until clean.
6.  Dry everything on delicate.
7.  Iron (the worst part) if necessary.
8.  Repeat the next night.

My children tend to get the stomach virus more often than most so I intentionally chose durable fabrics that are easy to clean.  All of their duvet covers are 100% cotton and can be washed at home.  Coordinating fabrics used for bed skirts, throw pillows and upholstery have been treated with Teflon (or more recently Nano-Tex).  And carpets are wool because not only is it soft, it is naturally a stain resistant fiber.  By using these practical materials, we have once again escaped disaster and remain stain free. 

Remember, custom doesn't need to be Dry Clean Only.

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