Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One concept throughout

It's not that often that I work with a neutral color palette.  I tend to use bold, saturated hues in most of my design.  But this project was different.  This was a pied-à-terre, and the client wanted it to feel like they were staying in a hotel.  Being that it was at the Ritz, they weren't too far off in their request. 

We knew going into the job that this was going to be a place where the client would stay during the week while he worked in Town, and his family and his personal belongings would stay home while he was here on assignment.  He knew that when the contract was over, the pieces that we used to furnish the space would be given to his children to furnish theirs, so we chose a color scheme that could work almost anywhere.  The cream, pear, and apricot combination was used in every room and all of the pieces in the unit could be interchangeable.  Even the artwork was intentionally chosen to mix-and-match with the furnishings.

Because the space was treated as a whole, this 1200 square foot residence felt bigger than it actually was.  This is the reason that cohesive design gets me so excited!

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