Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little thanks

During this Thanksgiving week, I just wanted to offer a quick shout-out to my readers to thank you all for your following and support.  While I started out on this venture with no true path, this blog is rapidly becoming part of my weekly routine.  It has been therapeutic to slow down and take a moment each week to think about how different aspects of design are translated into my everyday life.

This holiday in particular is especially important to me and my line of work.  It is when we invite family and friends into our homes to share in a big meal, drink wine, and enjoy the personal spaces that we work so hard to create.  As a designer, it has always been my intention to build interiors that suit the personalities of my clients.  It's about giving them objective advice, presenting the proper choices and helping guide them to a decision of their own.  I am proud to say that my mission statement has been the exact same since I wrote it while I was a student at New England School of Art & Design ten years ago. 

To help clients find balance and comfort and a place to call "home"
By creating spaces that reflect who they are or want to become.   

So after you've feasted on turkey and trimmings, let the tryptophan kick in, sit back (maybe loosen up the belt a notch) and take a look around.  Enjoy the homes that you have been invited into and know that you are surrounded with personal touches that are true reflections of your hosts.

From my house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Great post! Thankful for many things - especially a friend as talented as you!

  2. Thank you dear friend - thankful that we reconnected!