Friday, November 25, 2011

Feels like spring!

When asked my favorite color, I usually give a different answer every time.  There are so many beautiful ones to choose from out there and depending on my mood (or the season), it's hard to actually choose a single one.  But more times than most, my answer is green - new, spring, grass green.  Given that it's my favorite most of the time, I'm so excited about how this storyboard is coming along for a client of mine wanting to jazz up her basement.  When she moved in, there were blue walls, a beige broadloom carpet, and white built-ins.  She owns a large, chocolate brown, leather sectional already, so we're using that as our jumping off point.  The carpet is staying, but we're lightening up the walls to Ben Moore's Wheeling Neutral.  So, now with a cleaner backdrop we can start to infuse color and bring a little bit of spring underground...


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