Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Icons should be icons

This one is for all of my designer friends out there.  I know that you will back me on this cause...

Yesterday, I went to the David Easton event at the Boston Design Center.  I have to admit that I was disappointed by the turn out.  Not that I blame anyone for not coming, but rather, that the ones who did were late and disrespectful to such a celebrated figure in our business.  Not only was it not a full house when he began his talk, but there were people rudely complaining about the audio system and that he wasn't loud enough for the small venue of professionals that should have been honored to hear him speak.  Yes, he is a quirky man, and at times, completely inappropriate.  But, he is an icon nonetheless.  His graceful, classical, and symmetrical style have brought him accolades from around the world.  He not only has been featured for his architecture but his interiors as well.  And, after listening to him speak, is completely humble about both.


I found it to be a shame that my peers afterwards were disappointed by the lack of information that they received from the talk, and was quite honestly, shocked by their assumption that they would be receiving design tips during such an event.  To look at his portfolio should have been inspiration enough to draw from for design tips later if needed.  We all know that designing well is a process and is interpreted differently among our field.  For me, I took away a great appreciation of David's understanding of architecturally designing within the elements of the property.  But as symmetrical as he is on the outside, his personality is completely unique on the inside.  I will be looking back on this lecture as one to remember...

from Architectural Digest

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