Monday, November 7, 2011

Industrial design IS pretty

Just back from a quick weekend down to the City to celebrate an old friend (and client)'s 40th birthday.  It seems to be the season for that.  Anyway, it was another beautiful weekend, so we took advantage of the sunny day and headed down to the High Line for the first time.  This, my friends, is the only thing that New York was ever missing.  Not only does it let you see the skyline from the skyline, but it gives you a little bit of raw nature while you're strolling along.  I love that the use of materials throughout the stretch is true to the original origin - abandoned train tracks, tall and overgrown grasses, wood planked lounge chairs, etc; what I like to call scenic industry. 

Once again I'll leave you with a few of my pics - always finding a little bit of inspiration for my interiors from what surrounds me on the exterior.  There's a lot of dialogue going on these days about how fashion is influencing design (and, another conversation to continue in another excerpt).  Although I think that there's validity in this conversation, my feeling is that interior design, in its roots, has always been more organic.  Design to me comes from the outside in, literally.

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