Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My "a-ha" moment

There are pieces of every project that make a project; the pieces of the puzzle that come out just right, that lead you from one point to another and that tell the story of the space in one complete breath.  These moments justify why you still have a job and continue to create beautiful interiors. 

Last week during Blogfest, Newell Turner, the Editor-in-Chief at House Beautiful challenged us to pinpoint the "a-ha" moment in our careers and blog about it for a chance to appear on their Pinterest Inspiration Board.  Here's mine...

This is a beach house that I worked on a few years back in Cape Cod. By it's own right, it's a gorgeous piece of architecture (designed by Stephen Hart), and in it's initial design, the architecture and the view were the intentional focal points.  Originally, the palette of the house was very muted with just-a-kiss of color on the walls, naked oak floors, nothing on the windows, and a limited collection of artwork.  It was meant to be casual and beachy, but the house lacked warmth, and showed it's wear.

After realizing how much time the clients spent here, we wanted to make it feel like a year round residence; somewhere to spend holidays, where kids and grown-ups alike could feel comfortable.  In doing so, we infused bits of color, texture, and interest.

This shot, taken by photographer Carey Marden, is simplistic in composition, but given the way it draws you in, it captures the essence of the whole house.  The richness in the color of the hardwood floors, the soft and playful wool carpet, the authenticity of the antique chest, and the texture of the beautiful oil painting by Deb Quinn-Munson.  This little vignette grabs your attention when you come up the stairs and draws you down the long hallway to another incredible guest room. 

Now I could have shown you the incredible guest room that punches up the colors from the painting that you see here, or I could have pictured the dining room with the New Classics custom table and stunning views of the Elizabeth Islands.  But instead, I am showing you this.  This little moment was that "a-ha" moment for me.

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