Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flea market chic

Remember my "Wowza!" post from a few weeks ago (  Well, here it is coming along, way under budget thanks to my savvy client and her willingness to reduce, reuse and recycle.  In my last post about her, I praised her for agreeing to put up the black and white horizontal stripes and to paint the floor in a high gloss black varnish.  Now, she's hit the bargain basements, craigslist and the flea market, updated the finds with a splash of color, and Ta-Da!, we have turned an understated, underused space, into the most vibrant room of the house!

Because this client is out of state (yes, I can work virtually anywhere), I asked her to take a few scouting shots...

Here was the first step.

A great dining set found on craigslist - but too boring

So we made it pink

And recovered the seat in this fabulous Lilly Pulitzer fabric

And then there was a need for storage - how could she resist this???

And now that green is in the picutre, we might as well...


All coming together

Even Millie likes it!

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