Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crunch time

So I hit you with a bang last month all about Blogfest and now I've gone silent.  It isn't because I've burned out, just crazy-busy with end-of-the-year junk with the kids (remember, I have four of them).  It's incredible that everything gets tied into the last bit of school - as if they are trying to cram every activity in at once - school play, field day, field trips, picnics, teacher appreciations, pool parties, soccer tournaments, baseball playoffs, recitals - crunch time.

Luckily, yesterday I was able to steal away from it all for just a moment and walk through the "designer preview" day for the newly announced Junior League of Boston's 35th Annual Decorators' Show House (after a six-year hiatus).  This gorgeous Mansard style home dates back to 1867 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  With 42 potential designer spaces, I am hoping to be chosen to decorate one of them.


I have to admit that the task is a little daunting though.  The house was once a convent to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and was obviously retro-fitted to meet their needs.  Currently, it is being used as administration offices for the Jackson-Walnut Park Schools.  Rooms have been converted many times, cast iron radiators and heating pipes are obstacles throughout the house, and plumbing and lighting fixtures are out of date.  It needs a lot of work and a lot of designers were on site getting a feel for the space, and in just two days, over 100 people in our industry had dropped their cards in the welcome bowl.

I have nearly three weeks to come up with my proposal.  And, I can propose up to three different spaces.  So many ideas, so little time.  It's a good thing I like a friendly competition...

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