Thursday, April 5, 2012

To all my homies

Last night Circle Furniture in Boston generously hosted the kick off party (or tweet up) for a new design group called Social Interiors.  It was a chance for designers, craftsman, vendors and other people in the trade who have met via social media tools to actually get together in real life (IRL) to hopefully become friends and collaborate on projects going forward.  Many of the designers that I have known in the Boston area are, like me, independent principals with less than a handful of employees, so events like these are welcome opportunities to get out there and mingle with our peers.  What I love most about connecting with them is that we all have different war stories, different tastes, different clientele, and difference resources.  Up until recent years, this type of information was held close to the vest, but now, it's being shared, and our little community is becoming a strong front in the design industry.  By making these personal (and professional) connections, everyone seems to realize that there is enough business to go around, and by supporting one another, business grows.

So here's a shout out to all of my homies in the Boston design community (and to those who I know though Twitter and Facebook).  Please take a moment to check out some of their websites, read their blogs, follow them, follow who they follow, and pass along their contacts.

Julinann Covine of Jace Interiors/Create Girl

Mally Skok of Mally Skok Design

Rachel Reider of Rachel Reider Interiors

Leslie Fine of Leslie Fine Interiors

Kristen Rivoli of Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Christine Tuttle of Christine Tuttle Interior Design

Vani Sayeed of Vani Sayeed Studios

Karole Moe of Karole Moe Art

Yvonne Blacker of Yvonne Blacker Interiors

Katie Rosenfeld of Katie Rosenfeld Design

Gretchen Aubuchon of Gretchen Aubuchon Design / Fashion + Decor

Michael J Lee of Michael J Lee Photography

Barbara Elza Hirsch of Elza B Design


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful post, Elizabeth! Thank you! A pleasure being part of this friendly community!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, appreciate your support.

  3. We are so happy to be included in such a talented group of people. We enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to more opportunities to come together.

    Thank you Elizabeth!

  4. How nice of you to put together this post! It was great to see you last night and to have the opportunity to mingle with other designers and bloggers in the Boston area. Social media is certainly the thing to be doing these days, but it doesn't even begin to replace in real life connections. But, we have social media to thank for bringing us all together!