Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holy High Point

Twice per year, a little town in North Carolina throws the biggest trade show in our industry.  For years I have said that I would go and check it out, and for years, I have not.  Fortunately, the stars aligned this time, and I actually made it there (sans kids/husband - a dream come true).  And, thank heavens I did, because it was quite a show... 

I have been struggling all day with trying to come up with a way to describe the event.  Apparently I had hit it on a very good year - While walking through the Hickory Chair showroom, Alexa Hampton said to me, "Feels like it did in 2008".  Obviously I acted like I knew what that meant, but unless it wasn't great parties, incredible hospitality, and fresh innovative products, then I'm sure we must have been on the same page.  Even though I have been to a number of other industry shows throughout my career, I really was in shock-and-awe after seeing showroom after showroom of great new finds, and more importantly, people LOVING the great new finds.

Many of my cohorts (from were also at the show and are now out there blogging about their favorite finds.  And if you read them, you will see a consensus on the favorites.  For me, some pieces and/or their manufacturers are obvious, have been talked about, and don't need another introduction.  I like to root for the underdog, the ones who need to become the favorites, the never-been-heard-of-befores (remember Gonzaga in March Madness in 1998?!).  So here they are (please disregard the quality of the photos - I did say earlier that we had been to great parties :)

This was the last showroom that I was in but the first that I'm willing to write about - Tucked in the back corner on the 2nd floor of Halo Styles (which I overall love) was Starbay (, a beautiful line of campaign style furniture that would suit any beach house, boys room, or yachty-type affair.  If you like the look of Grange or Authentic Models, this line has a lot to offer.

This light fixture was quite a surprise (found at Ro-Sham-Beaux).  I actually walked into the showroom to look at the Currey & Company look-alikes (again another that I already love) when a colleague (@savvyscav) pointed this incredible fixture out - woven gilded hemp - gorgeous.

OK, we all love Emissary, and I've blogged about/used them in the past.  I still love them, but something about the finish on these Hampton Row ( garden stools was just a little less mainstream.  Green, obviously, was my favorite!

If you have (or ever wanted to have) a Cartier LOVE bracelet, here is the biggest play out there - incredible exposed screw detail by Theodore Alexander ( - I really am in LOVE.

I absolutely loved this chair from Julie Browning Bova for Stanford Furniture (  She took a classic wingback, exposed the arm in the most feminine way, and added a pleated skirt.  It reminds me of my favorite Baker chair, but in a more ladylike way...

Port 68 ( had the sweetest little stools out there - perfect proportions with a barley twist leg and preppy little geometric seat.  They also were chock full of great candlesticks and lamps.  Defintely a favorite "filler" find!

And last but not least, the Worlds Away ( Pagoda lamps - painted metal in any color - only question is what color and how many???!

PS -

For those of you on Twitter, I have some other favorites that I have posted as a self-proclaimed, unofficial "Style-Spotter".  Feel free to check them out @elizabethhome under #HPmkt.

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