Thursday, September 29, 2011

The heart of the home

If I were to take a poll, I think that we would all agree that kitchens are the most personal room in the house.  Yesterday, I spent 6 hours in mine (I really calculculated this).  For those of you with young families, and trying to get them up and at it the morning, the day can start early and be primarily focused in the kitchen.  For me, I have particularly slow eaters, who like to finish up their homework over a bowl of Cheerios, and this typically accounts for my first hour-and-a-half in the heart of my home.  After dropoff, you'll find me standing back in the kitchen in front of my laptop getting caught up on emails and plotting out the rest of my day.  Then between the hours of 3-8, it's after-school snack, homework at the kitchen table, getting dinner ready, finishing up end of day work on my laptop and cleaning up after a day in the kitchen....

So, after spending up to (but not less than) 42 hours per week in the kitchen (a typical work week on top of a typical work week), it's no wonder that I'm dreaming of a new one.  And, it's no wonder that it is the renovation project that is at the TOP of most of our lists.  And, it's no wonder that it's the hardest one to budget for since there are so many wants and needs that go on the wish list for the space.  Here are my top 10:

1.   Antique Buffet (I love a little personality in the kitchen)
2.   In-wall Miele coffee system (everyone has a fixe)
3.   2 dishwashers (1 standard, 1 Fisher Paykal dishwasher drawer)
4.   2 sinks (including 1 Shaw's Original farmhouse sink)
5.   Winebar/wet bar (again, everyone has a fixe)
6.   2 islands - one for prep, one for eating (must have 30" cold stone top for baking)
7.   Gynormous refrigerator (reminder, 4 kids)
8.   Separate ice maker, preferably near the winebar/wet bar (to accessorize the fixe)
9.   Lots of storage (4 kids = lots of stuff)
10. A workstation (I'm addicted to my laptop)

Oh, and a commercial grade range...
Miele CVA4062SS Coffee System             Fisher Paykel DD24SCX6V2 Built in Dishwashers

Shaw's Original 30" Farmhouse Sink                  

Wolf DF606CG -


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