Friday, September 16, 2011

Fluff please

Every woman loves a pretty pillow, but twice as likely, every man does not.  My husband is constantly tossing them off the sofa, off the bed, and off the chair onto the floor next to the ones that are meant for the floor.  Obviously, I'm a pillow person.  Whether it be a way of introducing a print into a space, adding a pop of color, or just another means of layering in a texture, I think that they are NEEDED to complete the space. 

Pillows not only personalize a room and make it cozy, but they can be used to link rooms from one to another.  A pattern or a color that you might see in the dining room can easily be carried over to the living room or den by repeating it in a throw pillow. Pillows can be a great tool for cohesive design, and if your husband throws it on the floor, well at least you can pick it up and put it someplace else!

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