Monday, September 17, 2012

What I'm working with

I dropped my proposal off for Show House on June 27th.  They told me that I would know if I was given a room by the end of 4th-of-July week.  Well that week came and went, and then so did another, and I didn't hear anything.  It wasn't until July 15th that I was finally told I had been chosen.  The coordinator said that they had received more than three times the amount of applicants as in previous years;  over 100 proposals for only 35 spaces! 

The room that I had been asked to do was different than my proposal.  At that point, it didn't matter to me, I was just happy to have been accepted, even if this is what I now had to rework my original ideas into...

See where the floor and walls are damaged?  Until the day before I took these pictures, the room had a walk-in ice box there!  This used to be an extension to the kitchen.  Remember these photos when you come see my space at the Junior League Show House!
*Show House opens October 16th.  Tickets can be bought at


  1. Elizabeth,
    Your room transformation is fantastic! I love the paint color that's going up, the before and after photos will be shocking to attendees!!

  2. Thank you Cecilia! The color is a little wild, right?! When are you starting???