Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back in the saddle

OK, so I've been back in town for two weeks and lots has been happening - Show House, remodeling plans in the works at my house, catching up with clients, catching up with friends, catching up on mail, kids getting back into school and the gazillion activities, etc...  I thought that I would be back in the saddle a little earlier than this, but after a whirlwind of a summer, I needed some extra time to regroup.

Throughout the year my kids are so over-scheduled, so every summer I try to get them to slow down, get out of a routine, and learn how to relax.  This means that I don't relax.  We drive up and down the East Coast visiting family and friends, and then at the end of the summer we do our own Benedict vacation - which included more road-tripping to see more family and friends (on the other side of the country).  In six weeks, we drove over 5,000 miles!

The best part about covering so much ground is that every place you go is so different.  There are so many beautiful things to be found along the coast and in the mountains, down rural roads, through vineyards, and in the city.  Good thing I had my camera with me to capture the moments; moments that I hope to use as inspiration this year...



  1. Your photographs are gorgeous! I love the one of the lake.

  2. That day at Crater Lake was incredible - the sky was the same color as the water!