Saturday, September 29, 2012

Always a curve ball

So the progress on my Show House room was going exactly as planned, and I was pretty confident that I would actually be able to pull this off without the usual hiccups that can happen on a job; that is, until the curve ball was thrown on Wednesday.  Because I am using vintage chairs (, I sent them to be restored before having them reupholstered.  I wanted to change the finish on the wood and have the joints tightened to make them as good as new.  When I went to pick them up, the finish was not as I had asked it to be, and they had to be redone, ASAP.  My upholsterer had me in the cue to begin working on my furniture that afternoon.  Since he has 4 pieces to either redo or actually build for me and my space, I needed to be ready when he was ready for me.  Now the poor guy is working on a Saturday just to ensure that they are done for next week. 

Meanwhile, my lighting fixtures were scheduled to go up on Thursday.  The first one was installed without a glitch; however, when the electrician went to hang the second, he found that a part was broken and it couldn't be hung.  This was a big upset - these light fixtures were a custom order made in another country, and to get another one in time for Show House is not possible.  Luckily though, the company who makes them can fabricate the broken part, and will FedEx it to me for re-installation by October 1st. 

Aside from the lighting problem, that afternoon I also found out that my painters painted a window open in it's place, and now it would not close.  After some maneuvering and a heavy hand, the window moved, but the painters need to come back and paint it all over again!

These obstacles are obviously out of my control, but stressful none-the-less when you have a vision in your head of exactly how it's supposed to go.  My room needs to be installed, staged, and ready by end-of-day this Friday.  It's going to be a busy week...


  1. I feel for you. You saved me when my painter broke her arm so it runs rampant! I definitely feel your pain! Almost done ;)

  2. Hang in there sister, Fedex dropped my vintage piece coming all the way from Wisconsin on its side - I now know that it is not made of actual wood!! My upholsterer had a complete melt down on the fabric I chose for my chairs, just said he wouldn't/couldn't do it - had to scramble and go plead in Dracut at 7.00 am yesterday morning! This is what makes it all so much fun! So glad we are all on this journey together - love me