Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why now?

After putting up my first post, I was asked by a number of people "Why now?  What are you trying to accomplish by starting a blog?  Is this a marketing tool???"  Scratching my head, I have to admit, it was kind of impulsive.  In fact, I honestly looked up blogging on Wikipedia to see what I was getting into AFTER I had published the post...

But here's the real reason, impulsive or not.  I went to see Charlotte Moss, an icon in design, give a lecture at the Boston Design Center this week.  It was a great talk about what inspires her and how those inspirations translate into her designs. She showed a series of slides that were taken from her own camera, her own perspective of the things that she comes across.  From the flowers in her gardens, to doorknockers that she passes as she walks along a street in Italy, to taking notice of another designer's intentional details, she scrapbooks everything that she sees along the way.  Her own personal journey through life is woven into what she creates as a designer, and by having photographs and notes of the journey, she can continue to reference and be inspired by those thoughts again and again. 

I realized walking out of there that all of my notes are in my head; everything that I do comes from the vision up inside my own space.  Despite how good my memory is, the images that I catalog aren't always so translatable.  They are not always remembered in the order that they arrived.  And, they are not always intentional notations.  Furthermore, being a one-man-show, and having it all under one roof probably isn't the best idea. 

So I guess I was so inspired about scrapbooking my inspiration, that I started this blog - a way of downloading those visuals up top and keeping them in a safer place.  My hope is that this new found venture will become my working narrative; something that I can pull from and refer to along the way; something that will help me, and my clients, understand where my ideas are actually coming from...

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