Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's all in the details

This past Saturday was my daughter's 1st Communion.  As religious as we are not, there was still something very special about it.  It could have been the white dress.  It could have been backdrop of the church and how it was adorned with fresh tulips and hydrangeas.  Or, on a deeper level, it could have been how monumental the action of an actual sacrament was for a second grader (though I think for mine, it was more about finally getting to eat the wafer and being told she could really drink the wine). 

Churches are innately beautiful in their own architecture.  The stonework, the woodwork, and the stainglass windows are all pieces of art in themselves.  Even when they are falling down and left for ruin, the details of their construction can still appreciated.  And that's what I realized as I was downloading pictures from the day - It's paying attention to the details that make the things special.  It's the white dress, and the flowers, and the way the light comes in through the stained glass.  But, more importantly, it's about appreciating the details and making whatever you create your own.

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