Monday, May 23, 2011

The final three

So, I've got my glass of pinot, and the kids are finally in bed.  I am online searching, searching for an old-school, traditional, English-influenced bed for a new client of mine.  Having a hard time finding the something-something that she is looking for.  It really is amazing how fast trends take over, and how streamlined design can become so mainstream...  Despite countless hours at the Design Center, and countless hours here in front of my computer, I can only come up with a handful of products worthy of presenting to her and her pricepoint.

Here was my criteria; something sophisticated, something romantic, something not upholstered, and something that goes with a Victorian house.  Here are my favorites so far... (btw, this can be done in all wood).  But they are out of her pricepoint. 

So, after a little comparison shopping, here is the best and final, and hopefully most well received option:

Hope she loves it!

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