Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life with imagination

How come you can't be old and naive at the same time?  Sometimes I wish that the world was just as interesting to me as it is to my children and that I could view it in that new, bright light that shines upon their version of it instead of seeing it in the latest collections that we all see together. 

Today, as I was flipping through the most recent issue of one of my design mags, I came across an idea that I implemented into a client's house last year.  Knowing that this was probably installed at the same time as mine and photographed soon after, I didn't think that I was that ahead of the trend, but rather that I was keeping up with the trend.  We recycle ideas in this industry, and we all seem to influence each other in one way or another.  It's a visual world, and sometimes those images that you flipped through years ago can be recalled years later without even knowing where the idea came from...

To a degree, I can understand this.  I often tell my clients to keep a folder of images that they like; to rip things out of magazines that appeal to them.  I tell them that eventually the images will form a pattern and you'll realize exactly what it is you're looking for.  Not that I want to repeat anyone's design, but I am hoping that my clients will realize their style before I decide their style for them.  And once that style is found, my goal is to mix and match the trends with the personalities, and the inspirations with the collections.  Hopefully these combinations will make it new and fresh and exactly what they were hoping for all along - their imagined version of home.

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