Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rooms without walls

When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I didn't go through the "nesting" phase, but rather, the "fly the coop" phase in search of more space.  Having a husband who could feel settled on his futon in our first studio apartment in NYC made every transition thereafter a process of give and take.  Getting him to give up our cozy three bedroom house in search of the "forever" home that would accommodate our growing family was certain to be a huge challenge, so before he could say NO I had to find a house that he could fall in love with without even stepping inside.

Driving down Commonwealth Avenue on a Thursday morning, I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  The Hammond Residential realtor was hammering in the sign into the ground for the broker's open house happening that very day.  Taking note of the stately brick colonial overlooking Boston College, I made it a point to come back promptly at 1:00.

Owned by an academic family for over 20 years, the walls were barren and white.  The house seemed tired and felt close to its age of 96.  A little disappointed, I turned for the front door - only to be struck by the view of BC's campus across the street.  I felt smart just looking at it.  I focused in and saw the stadium.  Football within walking distance; a home worthy of moving again...

Now 5 years later, and another kid in the mix, I am getting the itch again.  Not that I really want to move, but I think that it's time to open things up and make use of our entire property.  I'm starting to put together images of outdoor spaces and to think about creative ways to spread out our livable area.  I'll run it by the big man once I have a good sell and can work in the outdoor flatscreen.


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