Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music made easy

When we moved into our house nearly 7 years ago, we did our first round of renovations.  We turned a formal living room into a more casual family room and put a flatscreen TV over the fireplace (yes, this was cutting edge at the time).  My electrician Steve had asked us about surround sound and if we wanted to add speakers in the ceiling while he was already up there adding recessed and picture lighting.  We realized that we weren't as cutting edge as we thought and opted out.

During this latest round of updates, we've had a change of heart and realized that we'd love to have music throughout the house, especially with XM, Pandora, and iTunes making good playlists available just by touching an icon on your phone.  One of my friends had a low-cost, super flexible system installed in her newly remodeled kitchen, and I was sold simply by how simple it was to operate.

Sonos - The Wireless HiFi System - is amazing.  You can connect to it from any ipod, ipad, itouch, android, MAC or PC; all you have to do is download the app to your device and sync it to the receiver.  Once you have control, you really are in control.  From your device you can control the station, the zone, and whether or not you want to take it to 11.  You can choose local radio stations, playlists from your music library, their version of XM, or even stream music from Pandora.  And, if you decide that you want to add on after the fact, you can buy another receiver (for about $350 on Amazon) and add more speakers to another zone.

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